Marc, Chanel & a satchel

After over a year of debating a big blogging change and many a hiatus during this time, we've finally settled on moving from January Sublime to The 3101 aka the date of our joint birthday - 31st of January, which just happens to be in a weeks time (wink wink). So welcome to our new and improved site! A lot has changed over the last six months with Gabs being the official tenant of a flat in London Town and bossing up the internships while I'm chilling back home in Norwich deciding my next move. 

In other news, I've finally been united with the love of my life. I've been waiting months for the moment that it would caress my dainty wrist and this Christmas my dreams came true...

 Marc By Marc Jacobs - Baker Rose Gold Watch - £154.00

I was planning on getting a satchel from the Leather Satchel Co for my birthday next week which would've set me back near £150 then I stumbled across this battered old bag in the local charity shop, gave it a good scrub and there ya go! A tenth of the price, literally. 

 Leather Satchel - £15

As usual, I've been glued to the eBay app every living moment and spending my pennies on whatever random and pretty items I can find. The skirt and sleeveless high neck top are both under £5 and the necklace was something silly like 99p from China. 

In summary, a lot of bargains have gone down. Now that Gabs is nicely settled in her new home we will hopefully be posting regularly with outfits, mood boards and so on. I'll be heading to Brazil for a few weeks in Feb but will keep it going over there with some more tropical-themed posts! Hate to rub it in but that South American weather is sounding damn fine right now. Roll on Rio!


Emily and Rich Get Hitched!

If you don't follow her already (you're missing out), then you might not be aware that the absolutely gorgeous Emily Tyler (former Miss Lawrence) tied the knot with her wonderful fiancĂ© Rich just over a week ago. We both attended the wedding and were blown away by the entire day, down to every adorable detail. The ceremony was short and sweet, the cake was big and sweet, and the dancing was anything but sweet. Here are a few shots from the day. 

 Pre-wedding pampering - We got our hair did!
The blushing bride rocking the 20s look
 What a team 
 Gabs tearing up the dance floor with Madeleine
 Cutting the fabulous cake (I ate three pieces, no lie)
 Ready for the jazz band to play
Looking up at the stars
The old school crew captured in all our glory 

Besides the insane decorating skills and that cake, there was a giant cut out moon themed photo booth, a polaroid to take snaps and stick in the scrapbook, old school board games, and a buffet to die for. A personal favourite for us was the pick and mix section, of which we thoroughly took advantage! After a very long and lovely day, the bride and groom could breathe a sigh of relief before jet setting off to their honeymoon in Rome - Ciao Bella! As for us, we headed home feeling more than a little worse for wear and wondering which wedding will be next...


White Stripes

Last month I visited Krakow, a wonderful and mystical place in Poland that has become quite the popular haunt with us Brits recently. After being back in the UK for less than a month, I already felt the need to hit up Europe, and where else but a cheap and cheerful city in the East?

Initially, it was slightly depressing with an early morning start and downpour, but over the four days the weather turned into a scorcher and we had a lovely time trying all the different flavours of vodka and local food (will include in next post). Despite a serious lack of funds, I have once again returning to the enigma that is eBay - five items later I have forced myself to wait at least a week til my next spree. 

Stripey Top - Unknown, Topshop Denim Skirt - £3.50 on eBay, Rose Gold Watch - £8 from Target, Necklace worn as bracelet - Gift from Accessorize, Silver Necklace - £2.99 on eBay

The streets of Krakow and the famous art wall
Indulging in some local Mead - didn't realise quite how alcohol it is for midday
Views from the old castle, que bonita!

Gabs and I have both been very busy with grown up life things. While she's down in London doing some awesome interning for a magazine, I've just started a new job back in Norwich. Things should soon settle down and we'll be back on track with the blog. Amen!


Ireland Baldwin makes her break!

We aren't going to beat around the bush here, both Dee and I are avid Instagram users, documenting shameless selfies, jaw dropping food and ogling at the lives of the elite. It was through this latter category that we discovered Ireland Baldwin, indirectly through Gigi Hadid (the webbing of instagram never fails to amaze).

It is rather shameful that we came across her in this cryptic way as she is Kim Basinger's daughter and really we should know these things! Alas, take your eye off the glittering ball, if you will, for one moment and you miss it all.

Anyway, the reason we even discuss Ireland Baldwin is because she had landed her first solo campaign with Rampage for their AW14 collection.
She poses like a pro and looks every inch the experienced model in the photos. Following the likes of Gisele and Bar Refaeli, Ireland has started as she means to go on. As one of the elite.

Here's a sneak peak...

Do you think Rampage chose well with Ireland?


Topshop loves Cara!

I know we sound like a broken record when saying this but, is there any end to Cara Delevingne's success? The 21-year-old British beauty has been revealed as the high street tycoon, Topshop's first solo campaign model and we are not complaining. Part of me wants to say "come on guys, give another model a chance" but there is something about Cara that makes us want more and more. Besides the obvious, being her striking looks there is the undeniable sense of fun she exudes. 
That ,above all, is most infectious and no wonder everybody wants a piece. 

Cara and Topshop are really a match-made in heaven, much like Cara and Cecil, the adorable bunny that appears with Cara on the campaign. The little bundle of caramel coloured fluff was initially there as a prop but can you blame the super-model for falling in love? 

Whether or not the A/W14 Topshop range has been touched by the hand of Cara magic or it is in fact a incredibly strong collection is hard to tell. Probably a combination of the two, alongside styling from Topshop's creative director Kate Phelan and photographic genius from Alasdair McLellan. 
Regardless of the how, there really are some staggering pieces of clothing. We absolutely adore the low-backed LBD with simple silver straps and neck detailing, as well as the cream fur coat (shown below) which is going to be a must have in a few months time.

Here is a sneak peak of Cara behind the scenes:


What do you think about Topshop's A/W14 collection?


Back to British Summertime...

After a wonderful year exploring the planet and working in Australia, I'm finally back in little Britain and it's hotter than Sydney! The past few weeks have been one big reunion with family and friends, eating sunday roasts, and drinking lots of Pimms, just the way it should be. Now that both of us January Sublime girls are living in the same city for the first time in years, we're dusting off our DSLRs and getting back in the blogging game. So without further a do...

Yumi Polka Dot Dress - £45.00, Black Buckle Boots - Old, Zara Satchel (Bought in Malaysia), Ally Fashion White Sunnies - $5.00, Deep Blue Pendant - $1 (charity shop), Target Rose Gold/White Watch - $14.00 

While I've been away, my lovely step-sister Lauren has become quite the hit on YouTube (check it!) so we did a little photo shoot in the park for her viewers. I managed to get a couple of snaps of my outfit too - win win - and had the chance to brush up on my camera skills for the first time in a year. After using and abusing my 50mm fixed lens, I'm looking for the next step up, so if any of you have a suggestion on what I should go for next, let me know!